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Anti-Choice Ad on AlterNet


I complain occasionally about ads that I see on web sites. Well, let me be more specific – ads I see on sites that purport to have a purpose. On entertainment and even news sites, it doesn’t bother me much. AlterNet, though, stands at a weird place in my mind. On the one hand, it’s a news site… which falls under my ‘it’s okay’ category. On the other hand, it’s a news site dedicated to a specific cause that takes donations. So the whole ad thing is a little fishy to me… and today it got even fishier.

Today, I was reading an article about Obama’s pick to swear him in (another subject all together), and at the bottom of the article I received a big, flashing add for the ‘Susan B. Anthony List‘, a neoconservative PAC aimed at putting anti-choice women into office. This, because the ads are being served up by Google and they aren’t being hand-vetted by anyone in the AlterNet offices.

Boo, AlterNet, boo. Pay closer attention!