Hello, everyone! I am ‘Sojourner’ and this particular blog is a place dedicated only to posts that I have related to all things atheist and political (though not always overlapping). I write with my friend on another blog where many of these posts will also show up, but there may be some that I leave for here only as I like the lighter, more easy-going spirit of her bog (and the fact that it’s not single, or even dual-subject, so I don’t want to, say, always overshadow the more artistic things with my political outbursts).

The name ‘Feminality’ is another way of saying ‘Femininity’ (likely an older one, though I didn’t have the time or inclination to search out it’s history). It’s a nod to the fact that I am female, but there’s really more to it than that. It has a nice ring to it, and it sounds kind of like ‘Finality’, giving it a nice edge to it.

I am a 30-something woman with a professional career in software (currently exclusively web development). I’m an atheist and a progressive, and that’s exactly where this blog is going. In many cases, I don’t think we do enough to push either of those ideals, so that’s a majority of what I’ll be writing about. There’s not much more to say, at present, about who I am, so you’ll just have to learn the rest from my posts!

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